Monday, May 3, 2010

WEEK 6 LINE/light continued

Capturing the intangible through pattern making processes.

Some references shown earlier in the day.

ENIGMATICA from Kit Webster on Vimeo.

Sunday, May 2, 2010

WEEK 6-LINE/light

LINE/Light Studio, using moving image ( light) to make 3D forms from a 2D line drawing for the SHADOW studio. The first phase of the workshop was to in groups of 3 draw 3 simple shapes on paper. Antuong then animated these in Aftereffex. This simple translation is at the basis of fashion processes, and made sense as the basis of the workshop for the SHADOW studio, as you guys explore the ways the chose of materials alters both the form and the experience of fashion.

Light as a material, to become a form and to represent a form. Its now interesting to note that the prevalence of moving image ( light) used in representing or expressing fashion, perhaps it depicts more easily some of the intangible, immaterial parts of fashion that are beyond a silk dresses?

Group 4: Ana, Sophie & Canoy

Group 1: Simone, Holly & Nat

The first stage of the workshop was in groups of 3 to draw 3 shapes in 3 different colours that Antuong would then antimate.
Group 1 Capturing the moment, oops flash on !!

With the help of smoke, projected light can take on 3D qualities.
Group 3: Gabbie, Jen& Pearl

Group 2: Vera & Sarah
Group 5: Ellery, Sharlee, Emily

Group 1: Simone, Holly & Nat?

What a fantastic workshop guys! cant wait to see your presentations soon.